Rails and Ember Study

I pushed two project(rails101-groupme,project101)to github yesterday. I bought the ebook rails101 and make rails101-groupme project by follow instructions of book. Besides i add some features into rails101-groupme.
1.Every user could reply the post
2.Rich text editor, CKeditor

project101 is the old project i practiced emberjs. It retrieves data from open data Taipei and show on table. This project was made because inspired by yunglinho’s post. I study google map API and add into it recently. Most of locations could be show on google map. Somes are not because can’t be geocode to LatLng. There’s a disadvantage here. Geocode needs to send requests to google but google will block it if you use API frequently. Implement it on clide side is not a good idea. I am planing to have a new project that use Rails and Emberjs. I could add my json API and store LatLng in database to prevent too many requests to google.